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Conway Community Outreach

One thing that CSA has tried to do is foster a sense of responsiblity in the kids when it comes to helping others.  Our Conway Community Outreach group has sponsored some hands on projects for the kids where they see how their work can help those in need.  This year the projects have been very successful!


Project Night Night

In the fall, our Conway kids along with parent help, filled 30 Night Night bags for small, needy children.  Each bag contained a soft blanket for snuggling, a stuffed animal and a book all donated by the Conway community.  These bags were distributed by the Haven of Grace organization who provides food and shelter as well as education for homeless children and their moms.  The smiles on our children's faces show how much they enjoyed helping those in need!


Conway Snowflake Program

The goal of the Conway Snowflake program is to collect holiday gifts for those in need.  This year we collected 230 gifts.  Thanks to Conway families for being SO generous!  This is a picture of the snowflake board displaying all the flakes that could be chosen.  Our Conway community helped many in need this year!


Circle of Concern

Our Community Outreach group sponsored a drive to bring canned food and home goods to our Family Fun Night event at the Magic House.  These items were donated to the Circle of Concern organization.  Once again, thanks Conway families!  You are helping those in need.

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